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    Homeowners And New Horizons: Planning And Contractors

    September 10th, 2012

    Becoming a homeowner means reaching a stride for most people. At that point, new horizons have to be conquered where planning and contracting are essential parts of that new horizon. It is important to get the facts as a homeowner whether planning to make renovations or build new.

    Getting the facts falls into zoning regulations, building permits and other necessary licenses to build or even make those renovations. For the homeowner that plans accordingly and uses a contractor, it is equally important that the contractor has the necessary papers in order as well. Each state and city have departments set up to handle specific building requirements, whether zoning or laying pipeline for water, etc.

    Check the license number of the contractor because it pays to be safe and not sorry. References help to give an overview of the type of work a contractor does. Word-of-mouth is still a very good way to find out about any previous work completed. However, excellent work is still required for the next job.

    Paying ahead of time is out of the question. Make a deposit on the work to be done only. You and the contractor of your choice should reach an agreement to put a percentage down on the work or settle for a figure like $1,000 or $2,000 down. This specific figure is certainly dependent upon the total cost of the work that needs to be done.

    Although your deposit has been made, you must be satisfied with the contractor's work. Review all aspects of the job that you requested be done and verify that each element is done to your satisfaction. It is difficult to go backwards after you have signed off on the work unless something comes undone during the warranty period. You may be excited about becoming a homeowner but also be excited about getting what you pay for because home ownership takes quite a while to pay off.

    Planning is key factor in home ownership. From the initial home search to the financial specifics to taking possession, planning is necessary for the most successful transition. If you are planning renovations, planning is vital to minimize costs and make sure that the job is done efficiently. Building new involves all the elements of architectural design, contractors, interior design and landscaping. All of these areas are critical to the area of planning and homeowners should be savvy about gathering the information they need.

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