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    Things To Consider When Buying A New House

    November 14th, 2012

    People looking to purchase a house today are quite lucky as they have a wide variety of designs to choose from and most units can be acquired at a reasonable cost. Brand new homes combine different architectural styles with new technologies to provide owners with the best that modern living have to offer. With so many choices on the market, buyers have to narrow the list by considering the following factors:

    1. Personal Lifestyle
    The house must fit the homeowners and not other way around. It should have features that fit well with the personality and lifestyle of the family. For instance, the size will be dictated by the number of would-be occupants as well as the cost. Newly wed couples may opt for a small two-room home while large families might want to have more rooms for the sake of comfort and privacy. Those with small children may go for builds that are more traditional with safety as the most important issue. Others may be more open to experimental designs and daring features.

    2. Environmental Impact
    Climate change has put environmental issues into sharp focus. The construction industry contributes much to the carbon emissions and so there has been a clamor for more responsible building methods including the use of locally sourced and recycled materials. Design features such as green roofs, rainwater collectors, large windows for natural light, gray-water systems, and the like are highly sought-after. The goal is to minimize household waste to lessen the negative impact on the environment. Aside from helping a great cause, homes that have these features tend to spend less on their utility bills, some to the point of being self-sufficient.

    3. Modern Conveniences
    Everyone has his own image of a dream house but most would agree that it should offer the perks of modern living. For example, it would be nice if there is a comprehensive security systems installed that would allow the owner to monitor sections of the house and the immediate vicinity. A lot of these systems feature remote access, making it possible to check up on things via the Internet using a computer or a mobile phone. Some home buyers might appreciate a beautiful fireplace that runs on gas or electricity for a cleaner burn. Others may welcome small touches like the use of new non-toxic paint variants that can prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

    Buying a house is a huge milestone. Getting it right requires a diligent examination of all the features needed by the family and balancing these with the budget as well as the options currently available.

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