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    Sheldon Lee - Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

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    Job Title: Managing Partner, Bus. Dev.
    My Bussines: Wavefront Brokerage Services
    Industry: Financial Services, Insurance, Services, Legal Services, Human Resources, Medical/Dental
    Place Of Residence: Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
    Sheldon Lee Biography
    I am the Managing Partner for Wavefront Brokerage Services which is an international MGA which operates across Canada, as well in all 50 states in the USA. Our leading program is healthcare reform and helping US-based employers drive down the cost of healthcare in preparation for the implementation of Obamacare. Wavefront Brokerage Services is an MGA (Managing General Agency) with a two-fold purpose: 1) We provide tools and resources to financial and insurance professionals seeking to prospect more effecitively and close more insurance sales; and 2) We provide concierge legal and healthcare benefits programs for individual families, small businesses and employee benefits to employers of all sizes. We direct costs where possible away from traditional high-cost insurance-based programs. Our goal is to make access to the legal and healthcare systems, and to timely resources for most small business owners cost effective while providing the best service. We are low-cost but not a discounted service. Most people are not aware that the services we provide are even available to them, which is why they end up paying so much for legal, healthcare, business consulting and other essential services. What if a business owner could have a network of some of the best attorneys across Canada and USA at their fingertips to assist them with collections, contracts, employee issues, local and international issues, import/export, marketing, accounting, and any other concern that a business owner faces? What if a small business owner did not have to pay large percentages of outstanding debt to a collection agency or collection lawyer, or could have assistance managing their annual minutes? What if a company, corporation, union or organization could actually provide affordable healthcare for all its employeess for 50 cents a day? That is the power of what we offer. Wavefront also is a network of top financial and insurance professionals who assist other financial and insurance professionals succeed. We provide the top prospecting tools and training that drastically increases insurance production. Our goal is to help serious financial professionals and agencies increase production by a minimum of 25% annually. If you are ready to take your business to unprecedented levels, contact me! Specialties: Legal & HealthCare Employee Group Benefits; Small Business Solutions; Debt Collection/Accounts Receivables; Estate Planning; HealthCare Concierge Services; Discount Pharmacy Programs; Health Insurance Billing Advocacy Specialists
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    Wavefront Brokerage Services is a MGA which operates through its network of agents and brokers to provide the best of the best concierge benefits solutions, along with creative insurance and financial solutions, to individuals, families, small businesses, and employee/benefits groups to small to large employers. We have some unique cost savings programs to drastically reduce healthcare and insurance costs, decrease employee absenteeisim, save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars on the administration of disability filings, improve the quality and quantity of benefits usually for an average annual renewal savings of 30%, but most importantly, take the time to find the best winning programs for both employers and employees. We also provide training, resources and tools to financial and insurance professionals who are seeking the simplest, fastest and most comprehensive means of uncovering weaknesses in a prospect's or client's financial and insurance plans. Our goal is to help agents and advisors literally double, triple or quadruple their production.
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    January 10, 2013
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    I love the outdoors. Whether it is running, biking, hiking, skiing, golf, basketball, beachcombing with my dog, it is all good! I love spending time with my family and friends. I also like spending time reading on ways to become a better person and a better businessman.

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    Full Name: Sheldon Lee
    Place Of Residence: Parksville,British Columbia,Canada
    Job Title: Managing Partner, Bus. Dev.
    My Business: Wavefront Brokerage Services