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Capstone Investments, LLC

By Joe Strickland 6 years ago

Located in Concord and Harrisburg, NC Please follow this link to read Google+ reviews, all very similar to the one below: REVIEW: Despite who else might rent from Capstone Investments, I have to caution you: DO NOT RENT FROM CAPSTONE INVESTMENTS! Or, if you're looking for some one to manage your property, have some dignity, self-respect, and respect for others: DO NOT LET CAPSTONE INVESTMENTS MANAGE YOUR PROPERTY! Our experience was bizarre and I'm happy to say that we backed out before signing a lease. We had never heard a good word from anyone who knew of this company, first red flag right? Every time we called to express interest in a property or, when further along in the process, to ask a question about the property in which we were interested, it was made obvious that we were incredibly unimportant to them and we were creating some sort of hassle with any normal question such as, “will you turn on the heat or power or water just so that we know it will work before we sign the lease?” We found what we thought to be a diamond-in-the-rough in a really nice area of town. It was in pretty bad shape. It needed regular repairs such as paint, screen replacement for the porch and a lot of cleaning (and other structural issues). We were advised by the Capstone agent to offer a little less for the rent due to the condition. We did and we offered to do the work needed ourselves. Everything seemed to be going okay... but slowly! It would take Capstone 3-5 days to get back to us about any question, offer, or counter offer. Each time they did respond to us (at least via phone) it was with the same disrespectful tone and obtuse aggravation. It was as if they didn't really want us to rent the property... If you can't assume from my review, I am a well-educated, post-graduate school citizen with an intelligent, well-employed wife. One dog, no kids. Credit is great, never missed a rent payment while in graduate school (our previous and most recent renting situation). I don't know why they would not want two responsible, employed adults in this somewhat run-down property. We finally decided that the location was good enough, and that the house had such potential for cute, creative decor that we would just be patient with Capstone until we could get in. Once in, we would pay rent on time and know between ourselves that we would never ask them for anything since they clearly won't do, and haven't done, anything to keep the place up. Any type of standard for Capstone is either incredibly low, or non-existent as apparent by their properties and managerial tactics. We tried to employ this tactic. However, they pushed the move-in date back two times when I asked them to bring it up to code (service the HVAC, replace an outlet and install two Fire Alarms). Apparently that would take almost two weeks to have done. We had been trying to work with these people for three weeks already. We finally backed out. When I called to tell the woman at Capstone, she couldn't have sounded more happy about it! Bizarre. She actually let out a big sigh and said "good!" and then went on to tell me that she "completely understood" and the owner "probably wouldn't have brought it up to code anyways" (illegal). I tried to get some sort of explanation as to why they are so terrible at this by saying she must be overwhelmed and I hoped things got better for her in the future. Get this, she replied with "OH THINGS ARE GREAT, I THINK YOU JUST PICKED THE WRONG PLACE TO RENT." Are these people supposed to be listing houses to rent? It seems like they are just accepting any listing fees from the owners and trying to do as little work as possible. We wanted to live in Concord; close to work, close to friends. Capstone chased us not only out of that property, but out of Concord entirely. The local economy can thank them, and companies like them, for chasing money out of their town and wallets. Someone with authority ought to do something about Capstone Investments… Sorry Concord, we’ll be back to visit from time to time. Good luck.

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