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    6 Step by Step Guide to Effective House Painting

    November 12th, 2019

    Forget what you think you know about house painting. Follow these steps to paint your walls like a pro.

    1. Clean walls

      Use a cellulose sponge to remove and dust, dirt, or oil, of which can ruin a smooth finish. Afterward use clean water to rinse walls and remove soap residue.

    2. Tape the trim

      Up to one week ahead, use blue painters tape the edges of any trims, window, or doorframes. Make sure to remove the tape right after the job, before it dries, this way you do not remove any paint with it.

    3. Prime the walls

      Even if your walls have been painted several times, it still important to prime them before you put on your color. This is because priming your walls maximizes the sheen and coverage of your paint, allowing you finish with a uniform appearance.

    4. Brush where you can't roll

      Before you begin to roll, use a two-inch angled brush to cut around the trim and painter's tape in order to get any areas that are too tight to use a roller.

    5. Use the W Technique

      The most efficient way to roll the paint onto your walls is through starting from the corner of a wall and rolling a three by three feet "W" shape, then filling in the shapes without lifting roller. Continue this until you finish the wall, painting one wall at a time.

    6. Paint the trim

      After the walls are completely dry, use painter's tape to tape where the trim meets the wall. Then, again with a two-inch angled brush, paint the molding, the window frames and the door.

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