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    DIY: 5 Flooring Options

    August 11th, 2016

    Say goodbye to heavy construction work and large sanders, today's modern flooring options has made DIY flooring more convenient and installation friendly than ever. Below are 5 DIY flooring options to consider.

    1. Engineered Wood Planks

      These prefinished long planks that snap together through its tongue and groove joints require no gluing and nailing, but replicate the same warmth and beauty as real wood flooring. What actually makes up these wood planks is layer of wooden cross bands sandwiched between a layer of veneer and a prefinished surface of hardwood. In addition to their convenience, they also come in huge variety of different color and wood species, from Brazilian Cherry to Wenge.

    2. Floating Vinyl Sheet

      An alternative to tiles or your traditional vinyl flooring for your Kitchen and Bathroom are floating vinyl sheets. They are a thicker, more resilient version of your standard vinyl that does not need to be adhered to the ground at all. You simply need to remove your previous molding, draw out and cut out the measurements of your desired room on the vinyl sheet with a utility knife and lay the vinyl on the subfloor. Floating Vinyl Sheets not only relieves the pain of installation, but also provide a soft and cushiony walking surface.

    3. Laminate Flooring

      Laminate flooring is incredibly similar to engineered wood planks, the prime difference being that the top layer is made of plastic laminate rather than prefinished hardwood. Laminate flooring comes with several advantages-it is extremely resistant to stains, scratches, fading, damage and wear. Laminate flooring is typically also much less costly than real hard wood flowing, with prices as low as 78cents per square foot.

    4. Carpet Squares

      Considering the difficulty of installing wall to wall carpeting, from transporting the load of carpet to having to cut the carpet with high precision, carpet squares make is easy for a DIY installation of carpet. Carpet squares usually come in 20 by 20 inches, with adhesive dots that connect them one to another without adhering to the subfloor itself. This not only makes installation easy, but it also means you could create your own unique carpet design composed by multiple colors. Another advantage of carpet squares to consider is that if one area of the carpet were to become damaged or stained, a quick and simple replacement of only one square would be required.

    5. Cork Plants

      It's no surprise that cork flooring has grown exponentially in the past years. Cork flooring is durable, affordable, and incredibly renewable and environmentally friendly. Rather than being made from hardwood, it is made from the bark of live trees, without ever having to have the tree being cut down. Cork flooring comes in both tiles and planks, as well as engineered planks that come with the same convenience and efficiency as regular hardwood planks. Some of its other advantages include that cork flooring ready accepts top coats and stains, allowing them to be transformed to your desired appearance. Aside from their physical beauty, they also provide the living comfort of being soft underfoot and soundproof.

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